Coaching For Life’s Challenges

Coaching for Life’s Challenges

Coaching is a structured practice that provides support and guidance for individuals who would like to bring more effectiveness, fulfillment, and joy to their lives. It engenders a process of profound change that arises from deep awareness and an openness to new orientations. It fosters powerful reflection and the transformation of learning into life-serving action.

Coaching combined with the concepts of connecting compassionately empowers people

  • to listen honestly, deeply, and compassionately to themselves,
  • to clarify and articulate their vision and values,
  • to untangle their ideas and bring what appears to be at odds into alignment,
  • to challenge their beliefs so that blocks to effective action are dissolved,
  • to develop goals that ignite their passion, and
  • to create powerful plans and strategies to move toward their dreams.

In-person, by phone or via Skype 60 to 90 minute coaching sessions are available on an individual basis. Coaching packages of four to twelve sessions are also an option. Coaching can support investigating a particular issue or challenge or exploring possibilities towards greater effectiveness and fulfillment on the journey of life.