What Are CC

What Does It Mean To Connect with Compassion?

Connecting with compassion is a way of experiencing life that results in deeper self-understanding, more rewarding relationships, clearer decision-making, and greater peace and joy in all areas of life. It is grounded in concepts and skills of compassion of Nonviolent Communication developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. (www.cnvc.org).

One approach to explaining what compassionate connections entail is by considering three lenses that describe Nonviolent Communication:

  1. Five Elements
    • Consciousness – Our Deepest Essence and Awareness
    • Core Beliefs
    • Language
    • Communication Patterns
    • Strategies for Influence
  2. Four Tools
    • Distinguishing Between Observations and Evaluations
    • Owning Our Feelings and Recognizing the Difference Between Our Feelings and Our Thoughts
    • Differentiating Between Our Needs and Our Strategies for Getting What We Need
    • Offering Requests Rather Than Making Demands
  3. Three Process Steps
    • Self-Empathy
    • Empathy
    • Honest Self-Expression